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                      Take art and artists consciously

  with you in your everyday life.

               February 28th, 2019 \ NBCC News

Art is everywhere in our lives. We are simple surrounded by it. Try as we may, there is no escaping it!


Everyday when we wake up, we have had either a good or bad night’s sleep, often determined by the design and shape of our bed, the madras we are sleeping on, the bed linen we are using. When we open our eyes, we are surrounded by space and determined by this, we have our first visual and emotional experience of our day.


The space and objects we surround ourselves by, are created and thought through by artists.


Art supports and enriches our quality of life. It raises awareness of issues and problems which need to be highlighted. Art is widely used in business and politics to promote and highlight ideas and agendas.


Most people spend their day travelling to and from work, and spending time in a workspace. Being conscious and noticing art in our professional and personal life starts anywhere, anytime.


The influence and impact of art may not be something we feel and monitor directly. Sadly most of us are unaware of the determining power and central role art plays in our lives. The awareness comes when we are open and let our guards down to the idea and allow us to connect with our emotions.


Art enriches our lives and encourages us to invest energy and enthusiasm into what we do.


The Danish Artist Asger Jorn said: “Art is inextricably linked with creativity, celebration, and social opportunities, not through professional artists, but through the community of creative people” (Jorn, 1957). In other words, embracing our own and others’ creativity will enhance and elevate our social possibilities. It brings growth and expansion, personally, within business, and in society as a whole.


Its important to support art and its artists directly as we as humans and projects will become more aware stronger and far more solid by it.


But art is also illusive, abstract, subtle and intangible. The idea that art contributes little to a product or process will contribute to a devaluation of art and creativity in the public mind. In contrast, the lesson is: Let us celebrate and appreciate art and artists, to enhance our efforts and our quality of life.



By Marianne Frank


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