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The crux of Marianne Frank's art is her interest in people; in human behaviour and emotions as they unravel in response to society, morality and social interaction.

"My art is narrative; my aim is to go beneath the surface to understand personal histories, to provoke thinking and  questioning of the status quo." She believes that by searching beneath appearances, we each eventually discover our uniqueness.

The texture in her artwork plays the same part as texture in life, it brings depth and perspective. Each painting is a frame; narrative structure arrested in time.

She appreciates beauty, not in the classical sense, but the raw, unfinished beauty of human beings. When barriers come down, our beauty and true colours expand. Life's ordinariness is interesting, and her portrayal of the many aspects of that ordinariness makes us realise our fragility, in which we are essentially the same. "And," she says, "with this realisation comes less prejudice."

Photographer: Tomas Amare

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