Curriculum Vitae.


Marianne Frank is an artist with a keen interest in historical and social research and a background in Costume Design for theatre and film. She has exhibited around the UK and in Scotland, Spain, Denmark and the Faroe Islands. 


Born in Denmark and living and working in the Home Counties, dialogue is paramount for Marianne, and alongside her art she has contributed to various groups, delivered talks and written about art and it’s relationship to everyday life.


1995-1996     Goldsmiths College, University of London, PGCE in Art & Design(Secondary)

1989-1992     Wimbledon School of Art. B.A.(Hons) Theatre Design Costume Design

1988-1989     Wimbledon School of Art. Foundation Course in Art & Design

1986-1987     Vejle Sy & Tilskærer Skole (Fashion School). Sewing &pattern construction.


Awards/Competitions & Funding Awards

2016               Thorshavn Chouncil - Faroe Island

2016               Mentanargrunnur Landsins (Faroe Island Arts Fond)

2015               The Ruth Borchard Prize 2015 (Nominated)

Group Exhibitions

2020.              54 Gallery (London, Mayfair) "Untitled"

2020.              The Dundas Street Gallery (Edinburgh) "Times Like These"

2020           Espacio Gallery (London) "The Resiliant Self"

2020.              54 Gallery (London, Mayfair) "Aspects of Art"

2020.              The Dundas Street Gallery (Edinburgh) "Self"

2019.              54 Gallery (London, Mayfair) "Lights in the Dark"

2019.              The Dundas Street Gallery (Edinburgh) "Human Condition"

2019.              Galeria Krabbe (Spain) Collective Exhibition

2018               Art event with DNK & NBCC . Hosted by SEB  bank, London

2018.              Talk and show at The Danish Church of Saint Katharine (London)

2018               The Dundas Street Gallery (Edinburgh) "Threads"

2017-2018     Galeria Krabbe (Spain) "Collective Christmas Exhibition"

2017               Art Fairs: Metropol Open Art. (Sevilla Spain) 

2017               Dronninglund Kunstcenter (Denmark)

2017               ArtGallery37 (Turin Italy) 

2017               The Dundas Street Gallery (Edinburgh) "Threads"

2017               Galeria Krabbe (Spain) "Collective Spring Exhibition" A4 Landscape

2017               Espacio Gallery (London) "Threads"

2016-2017     Galeria Krabbe (Spain) "Collective Christmas Exhibition"

2016               Galeria Krabbe (Spain) "Women In Art"

2016               Menier Gallery (London) "Frida Kahlo - Pasion Por La Vida"

2016               Galeria Krabbe (Spain) Collective Summer Exhibition

2016               The Artist group The New Yorkers,Torshavn, Faroe Islands - Febuary 2016

2015               The Ruth Borchard Prize (Piano Nobile Kings Place London)

2015               Auction for ELSA (ARoS Denmark) “Knowledge for all”

2015               Auction for c.a.l.m. (London) Charity to prevent male suicide

2015               Espacio Gallery (London) “Portrait Show April 2015

2015               Espacio Gallery (London) “Rev It Up” March 2015

2014-2015     Galeria Krabbe (Spain) Collective Christmas Exhibition “City That Does Not Sleep” 

2014               Menier Gallery (London) “Evocative” August 2014

2014               Grenen Art Museum (Denmark) “New York Trip - Return” 2014

2014               Menier Gallery (London) Time = Change March 2014

2014               Espacio Gallery (London) “Time = Change” 2014

2014               Menier Gallery (London) “In With The New “ January 2014

2013               Espacio Gallery (London)“A handfull of molecules and a bucket of water” June 2013

2012               Echo (Reading) arjeea21 The Keep Reading July 2012

2011               Openhand Openspace (Reading) “Would you like and why not?” Openhand Openspace 

2010               New Greenham Arts. (Newbury) “Take Off” Contemporary art exhibition by arjeea21 artists.

Private Collections

England, Spain, Denmark, USA, Ireland.

Other Relevant Experience

Christmas (1995)                                           Screenplay by Tom & Jez Butterworth.      

Directed by Marc Munden.  

Produced by World Production, for Channel 4 

Costume design: Marianne Frank & Natalie Beaver


Dragonheart (1994)                                                     Screenplay by Charles Edward Pogue.                       Directed by Rob Cohen.                                               

Costume Design Anna Sheppard.

Costume design assistant Marianne Frank               Producer Raffaela De Laurentils.                         

Produced by Company Draco Productions for Universals


Citizen Locke (1994)                                                     Screenplay by David Edgar.                                         Directed by Agnieszka Piotrowska.

Costume Design Anna Sheppard.

Costume design assistant Marianne Frank

Produced by Bandung Ltd., for Channel 4


Cross My Heart (1993)

Screenplay by Carole Jahme.

Produced and directed by Carole Jahme 

Costume Design: Marianne Frank


The House Of The Spirits (1993)

By Isabelle Allende and Michael Batz

Costume Design: Lucy Niaz

Costume Design Assistant: Marianne Frank

The Shaw Theatre, London


Weitermachen (1993)

By Robert Cavegn & Michael Eschmann

Produced and Directed by Michael Eschmann

Costume Design: Marianne Frank

Stadttheater, Chur, Switzerland